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Turning common business challenges into solutions and converting exceptional expertise into consistent growth, we help companies stay ahead of the competition and thrive. Our remote staffing model aims to increase your focus and multiply profit through expert recruitment and smart process delegation. Our goal is to help you achieve your objective faster.



Yuriy Radchishin
President / COO
Yuriy Radchishin, President / COO
Yuriy Radchisin is the leader who stands behind our constantly evolving company of dedicated team players. An engineer in the past and current President of Zelh, Yuriy makes a phenomenal contribution to every single solution we craft for our clients. His impressive technological expertise and tech-oriented mindset keep us going hand in hand with the latest technologies, which, in turn, helps us take businesses to the next level. The passionate approach to work that Yuriy takes to every project and his personal involvement in the team’s wellbeing is what keeps us inspired and motivated. As a strategic decision-maker, Yuriy believes in the power of people — the most valuable asset for steady growth.

“People are the drivers of success. We specialize in matching the right people with the right companies.”
Igor Grytsyuta
IT Advisor
Igor Grytsyuta, IT Advisor
As a Chief Technology Officer at ivia – a forward-looking SaaS company with products designed to digitize logistics – Igor makes a great contribution to our company’s IT expertise. Being a successful tech player with a developer’s background allows Igor to view all-things-tech from different perspectives at the same time. Since we want our solutions to be relevant to our customers’ needs, we operate with great multi-faceted specialists on board, and Igor is the IT practitioner businesses can trust.

“We no longer need to take a step into the high-tech future; we need the high-tech today.”
Tony Radchishin
Tony Radchishin, CEO
As Zelh’s CEO, Tony leverages his in-depth knowledge of logistics and technology to create forward-thinking business strategies for organizations aiming for intelligent growth and scaling. Having founded Millhouse and ivia — one of the fastest-growing logistics companies globally and a complex SaaS supply chain product respectively — he ensures that our company applies the best practices of running and elevating business on the US market to our outstaffing solutions.

“Logistics has a complicated, ever-changing environment. My mission was to make it simple through smart digital solutions. Now I turn my business knowledge into the success of Zelh customers.”
Kristina Shtayura
Regional Director of Operations
Kristina Shtayura, Regional Director of Operations
Before searching for the right talents for our customers, we need to first find the right people for our team. When we found Khristina, we finally got it all covered. With her impressive experience in Event Marketing, Customer Support, and Human Resources, Khristina uses multi-channel tactics to enlarge teams with highly skilled specialists and amazing people. Having such a goal-driven HR manager allows us to build a great community of professionals not only for Zelh but for companies operating in many industries worldwide.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people!”
Ruslana Feshchuk
Director of Operations
Ruslana Feshchuk, Director of Operations
As an Operations Manager at Zelh, Ruslana ensures smoothly running operations within our and customer’s businesses, organizing clear communication and providing everything that companies need and beyond. Ruslana joined us at the very beginning of our journey to success as a Business Developer and made a significant contribution to taking Zelh and its partners to the next level.

“I helped build Zelh from the beginning. We went on growing together, and this journey seems to never end.”
Jeff Ogren
President of Zelh Logistics
Jeff Ogren, President of Zelh Logistics
A dynamic entrepreneur and startup leader, Jeff has a rich background in logistics, transportation strategy, and supply chain management. With pivotal roles at Uber and Trucker Path, he has four years of experience in scaling Uber Freight and five years in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Known for driving transformative change in logistics and trucking, Jeff excels in business development, organizational strategy, and implementing new technologies. His innovative leadership and strategic expertise have made a significant impact in the industry.
Vic Zdor
VP of Business Development
Vic Zdor, VP of Business Development
A seasoned leader who excels in driving growth and innovation. With a sharp focus on clients, marketing, sales, and ongoing projects, Vic leads a dynamic team at Zelh Tech.

With a career spanning 12 years in the marketing industry, Vic has honed a deep understanding of technology's synergy with marketing strategies. While not a developer, grasps the technology fundamentals critical for enhancing business performance.

His experience includes collaboration with industry giants such as Philips and Glabani, as well as influential personalities like Donatella Arpaia and Alex Guarnaschelli.
Daniel Russello
Daniel Russello, CTO
The team of professionals driven
by shared goals
At Zelh, every member of our big team is a goal-driven professional passionate about common growth and success. But there are key characters behind the development of the whole company. United by vast experience in different industries, unique success stories, and a shared vision, these people set the right direction for Zelh to grow as a company and help other businesses prosper.



Specializing in tailoring outstaffing solutions, we help businesses complete their projects and achieve their goals with a smart extension to their in-house teams. Our outstaffing model implies major cost savings and better company performance with a transparent process of managing the remote team.


We offer complete payroll outsourcing services for companies looking for low-cost yet long-term business expansion. Our outsourcing strategy will allow you to cut down on routine workplace expenses, as well as shift management, employment, and legal obligations to our responsibility while enlarging your team with skilled remote members. This way, we will fully dedicate to your project development, and you will be able to focus on your core business goals.

Business Assistance

When businesses realize they are missing something in their development plan, Zelh comes in with ultimate staffing solutions. Besides providing companies with a remote team based on their project needs, we also help them evaluate performance and identify the strategy weaknesses with specialized outstaffing as consulting assistance.
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