Our advanced outstaffing model helps companies achieve their goals while eliminating costly processes and controlling the project’s progress. By providing a smart extension to your existing team, we will take on HR activities, legal responsibilities, and management tasks of your business. With outstaffing, you are the one to set the objectives of your project, and we are the ones to ensure its consistent performance.


Met deadlines

Our outstaffing model is designed to promptly match companies with a skilled workforce that will follow your project requirements and timeline.

Team extension

Be it a long-term or temporary project, we will provide you with the additional specialists your in-house team requires so that your company can fit both the planned staff number and budget.

Cost reduction

Hiring an external team allows you to cut down on overhead, labor, and operating costs, thus increasing your company’s value.

Fast results

We take a proactive approach to optimizing and enhancing your company’s performance, speeding up your growth with cost-efficient management and staffing solutions.


  • Customer-centric values

    Our purpose is to help you reveal the full potential of your business through our expertise in process delegation and automation. Every business is unique as a snowflake, and our core goal is to provide individual staffing services based on your specific business objectives. At Zelh, your success is a priority that drives us while crafting customized solutions.
  • Transparency

    You will have full access to all our team members and remote workers, as well as be able to control product development, service promotion, and any project phase you want to be performed under your supervision. While having a dedicated team of qualified experts, you can keep track of the project development and ensure that the result fits your expectations.
  • Flexibility

    With a remote extension to your in-house workforce, your company will become flexible in terms of employee number – you can add or reduce the number of specialists according to your business needs, tasks, and projects, without workflow interruptions.
  • Cost-efficiency as a core goal

    Outstaffing opens the door toward faster growth with minimized investments, which is the main reason why most companies are switching to this model these days. Since outstaffing is the core specialization of our company, we strive to make educated decisions for our customers so that they can not just save money but wisely optimize their budget and become scalable in every way.


needs Analysis
Tell us about your goals and budget.
Our agile HR department will begin the talent search.
Work process
We will organize the workspace and equipment for your remote team.
We’ll be monitoring the team’s performance & keep you updated.
As your business grows, we’ll support you with specialized staffing.


I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?
Absolutely. Any number of people you need.
What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?
We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem
We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?
We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.
Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us?
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Mark Humenchyk
Senior Account Executive B&K Freight Inc.
Well, if someone asked me about Zelh, I'd probably say if you're looking for a reliable outstanding staffing company that could get you set up quickly and easily, I would give Zelh a call.
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  • Accounting
David Voronin
President & CEO MigWay, Inc
I just don’t understand why we didn’t do it sooner, because the way it is right now is we don’t even feel like it’s a different office. We don’t even feel like we’re not all sitting in the same room because… the way the technology they use, the integrations — it just works.
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
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