Why Zelh?

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Growth is on every leader’s mind, but when it comes to expansion, it can certainly seem daunting. — The wide range of solutions offered by Zelh was created with one thing in mind – to make expansion a breeze.

Zelh Solutions

When searching for top talent for your business, you need to understand where to look, how to screen, and what questions to ask. Often, you simply don’t have the time for the intense process that recruiting and hiring involves. We’ve helped numerous companies looking for the best and the brightest Ukraine has to offer. This is what we do—this is our primary focus, allowing you to direct your attention to what’s most important to you: your business goals.

We deal with absolutely every aspect of the hiring process, to include executing final contracts along with coordinating with your HR department, figuring all tax liabilities, instituting medical and workers insurances, and even taking care of the payroll for you.

As an IEOR, we also have comprehensive on-the-ground resources beyond just recruitment. We can find that perfect space, get you the equipment you need to operate and take care of safety compliance in the workplace. Our goal is to deliver the utmost as far as ROI when you partner with us—this is our promise!


Trust is central with us! We have grown into one of the premier staffing/IEOR firms in Ukraine because our clients trust us. They know that our efforts are 100% directed toward helping them to thrive and ultimately see a measurable profit. It’s about long-term, meaningful partnerships—bottom line.

Why Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most strategic locations you can choose from which to operate your business. Not only is it ranked #1 in central and eastern Europe when it comes to the level of technological and science based talent, but it has a 90%+ matriculation rate; meaning, you get to work with educated, intelligent and ambitious professionals looking to do all they can to improve the European footprint of your firm.  Because of what it has to offer, Ukraine is perhaps among the best places to start when looking to expand your overseas offerings and grow your company in a productive and dynamic way.