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payroll costs
Zelh makes businesses more competitive and adaptive to the ever-growing global economy by delivering top-quality talents and up to 40% of payroll costs savings.
overhead costs
Outstaffing enables businesses to cut down on operating expenses and focus on the core business. Our clients go beyond real estate, basic utilities, and brick & mortar barriers.
Zelh takes upon the entire operation scaling process for our clients’ effortless growth, providing a limitless Class A office space that fits their scaling rate.
As a highly regarded region’s employer with strategic locations, we handle the entire recruiting process at no expense to the client and have access to a vast pool of educated specialists.
Onboarding & HR
Zelh covers all the time-consuming and expensive hiring, HR & onboarding processes, organizing an enjoyable work environment with perks, benefits, and retention programs.
HR Compliance &
We bear full responsibility for our employees' legal & tax compliance and diligently keep our policies compliant with all codes of conduct, allowing our clients to focus on their business.
Remote Office
At Zelh, seamless integration is in our DNA: our in-house team of engineers and sysadmins use a proprietary 7-level integration model that eliminates the feel of a remote office.
Workflow Review &
With our CEO’s expertise in process automation engineering in mind, we reimagine our clients' business workflows so they can support remote offices & improve in-house operations.
Our software developers & engineers can provide extensive consultations on off-the-shelf CRM/ERP platforms or develop a tailored software solution for our clients’ businesses.

Zelh is where businesses get educated solutions for expansion and growth with high income and low investments.

Having analyzed major financial and technical challenges of modern businesses, we created a highly progressive and cost-effective alternative to the in-house personnel. Our remote staffing model is designed to address every company’s core needs, reduce expenses, improve workflow processes and make the company highly adaptive to market fluctuations.

Who we are

smart solutions

Our mission is to help small and medium-size businesses get more done with less money and minimum liability.


Delegated HR Management

Our TA and HR experts will take responsibility for the talent screening, recruiting, onboarding, and legal compliance processes. At Zelh, we seek and offer only the most suitable candidates for specific projects or positions of our customers. Every team is provided with a delegate account manager to ensure continued transparency and customer satisfaction.

Optimized Workflow & Increased Efficiency

Our team follows innovative workflow optimization strategies compatible with different kinds of businesses to provide unique outstaffing solutions for every customer. We will optimize the workflow based on your objectives to improve your performance and increase efficiency.

Major Savings & Cost Control

Zelh's primary focus is to make our clients more competitive and quickly adapt to our rapidly changing and expanding global economy. We deliver tremendous savings in payroll costs by providing our customers with high-quality talent and getting the remote staff fully set up and integrated. As a result, several of our clients have saved up to 40% in payroll alone.

Market Adaptability & Scaling

Our remote staffing services are built on innovative workforce solutions that organize employees, workflow, and integration technologies to deliver measurable results. Limitless staff augmentation enables our clients to be more market-adaptive by maintaining focus on their core goals and growth, eliminating any fears and challenges of entering new markets

How it works

  1. Business Analysis & Infrastructure Assessment

    First, our technical team assesses the client’s needs, goals, technicalities, and infrastructure to provide effective integration with the main offices.
  2. Talent Recruitment

    Once we discover the business needs and objectives of the client, our Recruiting Department turns on the talent search to provide the best candidates possible.
  3. Solutions Review & Approval

    As the next step in the process, our team provides a complete solutions package that includes talent, office integration, and workflow optimization options.
  4. Turn-over and Execution

    Next, we take a crucial step in the outstaffing that involves on-boarding, integration, systems testing, training, and turn-over processes with multiple teams involved.
  5. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

    Upon successful integration, we continuously monitor and evaluate remote teams’ performance while keeping close communication with clients to add necessary adjustments if required.


  • Qualified employees

    Ukraine is known for the high-level expertise of its specialists. The country has an ever-growing potential with more than 180,000 certified and talented employees, which is the largest number of technical experts in Europe.

  • Low labor costs

    The Ukrainian economical structure opens a large pool of payroll outsourcing possibilities for American companies. While you can choose from Poland, Slovakia, Chech Republic, and Hungary, Ukraine offers the best value for money from the workforce development perspective. Since the country is rich in multi-faceted professionals, it’s the best place for building a cost-efficient cross-functional team without being limited in the number of specialists due to the fixed budget.

  • Cultural compatibility

    Another reason why working with Ukraine is a safe bet is cultural compatibility. The business climate and work ethic in IT and other branches of outstaffing in this country are similar to Western business values.

  • Convenient time zone

    The time zone of Ukraine is GMT + 2 – right in the middle of the American time zone, which allows for productive communication without late backlogs and meetings.

  • Great language skills

    Besides having a high tech background, the major part of Ukrainian workers is fluent in English. Trained and experienced in communicating with clients worldwide, Ukraine-based remote workers have no language barriers and can provide effective communication.

  • Unique geographical location

    Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations with regular direct flights from America and Europe. Whether you need to send your business representative to your outsource team workplace or want your remote employees to visit your HQ, there will not be any hassle while traveling.

Mark Humenchyk
Senior Account Executive B&K Freight Inc.
Well, if someone asked me about Zelh, I'd probably say if you're looking for a reliable outstanding staffing company that could get you set up quickly and easily, I would give Zelh a call.
  • Logistics
  • Accounting
David Voronin
President & CEO MigWay, Inc
I just don’t understand why we didn’t do it sooner, because the way it is right now is we don’t even feel like it’s a different office. We don’t even feel like we’re not all sitting in the same room because… the way the technology they use, the integrations — it just works.
  • Logistics
  • Accounting

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