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At Zelh, being customer-centric isn’t just a phrase – it’s our ethos. As a leading staffing solutions provider, we prioritize your requirements and growth above all.

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Meet our executive team of experts

We recognize that our strength lies in our people that bring unparalleled value to our operations. Our C-level team directs Zelh's strategic growth and supports other businesses in navigating the market challenges.

Image Yuriy Radchishin
Yuriy RadchishinPresident / COO

Yuriy Radchisin is the leader who stands behind our constantly evolving company of dedicated team players. An engineer in the past and current President of Zelh, Yuriy makes a phenomenal contribution to every single solution we craft for our clients. His impressive technological expertise and tech-oriented mindset keep us going hand in hand with the latest technologies, which, in turn, helps us take businesses to the next level. The passionate approach to work that Yuriy takes to every project and his personal involvement in the team’s wellbeing is what keeps us inspired and motivated. As a strategic decision-maker, Yuriy believes in the power of people — the most valuable asset for steady growth.

“People are the drivers of success. We specialize in matching the right people with the right companies.”

Image Tony Radchishin
Tony RadchishinCEO

As Zelh’s CEO, Tony leverages his in-depth knowledge of logistics and technology to create forward-thinking business strategies for organizations aiming for intelligent growth and scaling. Having founded Millhouse and ivia — one of the fastest-growing logistics companies globally and a complex SaaS supply chain product respectively — he ensures that our company applies the best practices of running and elevating business on the US market to our outstaffing solutions.

“Logistics has a complicated, ever-changing environment. My mission was to make it simple through smart digital solutions. Now I turn my business knowledge into the success of Zelh customers.”

Image Daniel Russello
Daniel RusselloCTO

As the Chief Technology Officer at Zelh, Daniel Russello is the driving force behind our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. With a rich background in IT consulting, server administration, network design, and telecommunications, Daniel ensures our technology meets and exceeds industry standards.

“I’ve always believed that technology has the power to transform businesses in profound ways. At Zelh, we’re not just using technology but creating the future with it.”

Image Jeff Ogren
Jeff OgrenPresident of Zelh Logistics

A dynamic entrepreneur and startup leader, Jeff has a rich background in logistics, transportation strategy, and supply chain management. With pivotal roles at Uber and Trucker Path, he has four years of experience in scaling Uber Freight and five years in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Known for driving transformative change in logistics and trucking, Jeff excels in business development, organizational strategy, and implementing new technologies. His innovative leadership and strategic expertise have made a significant impact in the industry.

Image Vic Zdor
Vic ZdorVP of Business Development of Zelh Tech

A seasoned leader who excels in driving growth and innovation. With a sharp focus on clients, marketing, sales, and ongoing projects, Vic leads a dynamic team at Zelh Tech.

With a career spanning 12 years in the marketing industry, Vic has honed a deep understanding of technology’s synergy with marketing strategies. While not a developer, grasps the technology fundamentals critical for enhancing business performance.

His experience includes collaboration with industry giants such as Philips and Glabani, as well as influential personalities like Donatella Arpaia and Alex Guarnaschelli.

Image Chris Fields
Chris FieldsVP of Sales of Zelh Logistics

With a robust background in 3PL Sales & Strategy from his tenure at TQL, Chris stands out as a seasoned leader in the industry. Over his impressive 15-year career at TQL, he not only built a personal book of business worth $100 million but also managed teams generating over $1 billion in brokerage revenue.

As the Head of Enterprise Sales, he was instrumental in developing one of the most successful teams for an $8B+ 3PL, showcasing his expertise in the transportation sector.

Image Robert Miller
Robert MillerVP of Sales Operations of Zelh Logistics

A Supply Chain and Logistics virtuoso with 10+ years of experience working in multiple facets of the industry. Robert has worked at multi-billion dollar organizations such as TQL, SunteckTTS, and Livingston International. He specializes in Operations and Strategy.

Image Brett Buller
Brett BullerVP of Customer Success of Zelh Logistics

Has over 15 years experience designing and implementing Supply Chain initiatives from Network Design, Warehouse Automation, to every acronym in use.

All with a focus on integrating disparate systems, reducing cost, increasing operational efficiencies, and future proofing at scale with companies such as Transplace, Uber Freight, Kion Group, and Trucker Path.

Image Christopher Edge
Christopher EdgeVP of Business Development of Zelh Logistics

A seasoned International Business Development Executive, Christopher excels in e-commerce, logistics, and technology. His expertise spans E-Commerce, Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Management.

With significant roles at DHL and FedEx, he’s adept at driving business growth and tech integration. His strategic insights and extensive experience are key in mastering the complexities of modern commerce and logistics.

Image Claire Randich
Claire RandichDirector of Account Management of Zelh Logistics

With a distinguished career that includes previous roles in account management at Uber, LinkedIn, and Meta, she specializes in driving client success and cultivating enduring relationships.

Image Igor Grytsyuta
Igor GrytsyutaIT Advisor

As a Chief Technology Officer at ivia – a forward-looking SaaS company with products designed to digitize logistics – Igor makes a great contribution to our company’s IT expertise. Being a successful tech player with a developer’s background allows Igor to view all-things-tech from different perspectives at the same time. Since we want our solutions to be relevant to our customers’ needs, we operate with great multi-faceted specialists on board, and Igor is the IT practitioner businesses can trust.

“We no longer need to take a step into the high-tech future; we need the high-tech today.”

Image Kristina Shtayura
Kristina ShtayuraReg. Director of Operations

Kristina is the cornerstone of efficiency and excellence in our regional activities, ensuring operations flow seamlessly across multiple locations. She embarked on her journey, bringing a wealth of experience in operational leadership and a proven track record of transformative success in dynamic environments.

“Joining the team allowed me to apply my expertise on a larger scale. We’ve grown together, facing challenges head-on, and our collective journey is one of continuous evolution and achievement.”

Image Ruslana Feshchuk
Ruslana FeshchukDirector of Operations

Ruslana ensures smoothly running operations within our and customer’s businesses, organizing clear communication and providing everything that companies need and beyond. Ruslana joined us at the very beginning of our journey to success as a Business Developer and made a significant contribution to taking Zelh and its partners to the next level.

“I helped build Zelh from the beginning. We went on growing together, and this journey seems to never end.”

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Your business challenges are complicated. We have the necessary expertise to simplify them by providing efficient remote staffing solutions as an extension to your in-house team. The advantage is that you can get the skills you need without hiring new full-time staff, making your business more flexible and cost-effective.

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Tired of keeping up with changing payroll regulations and compliance requirements? With our transparent outsourcing strategy, you can reduce routine workplace expenses and deal with legal obligations.

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Business assistance

Faced difficulties in adapting to market changes? Are you looking to expand your business but unsure about the best strategies to pursue? We are here for you. Besides providing your company with a remote team based on your project needs, we also help you evaluate performance and choose the right strategy to follow.

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We offer flexible staffing solutions to power growth for our clients' businesses

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Customer-centric approach

The importance of the client-orientation approach is more than just a value – it’s our business philosophy. We believe that 80% of success is listening to the client’s needs and defining the right goal to achieve the desired result. We measure our success by the success of our clients.

Transparency and trust

Trust – is a peak of development in human relationships. Zelh is the shoulder you can rely on during difficult business situations. We seek the best solution and share the information openly within our organization and with our clients to empower informed decision-making and foster trust.

People are our priority

It’s not just our value but a guiding principle that describes every aspect of our company’s life. From the moment someone joins our team, they become an integral part of our big family. We grow our company and help others reach new heights by matching companies with the people they need.

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