Logistics Industry

Are you tired of high employee turnover? We have a big pool of logistics experts that can cover any position required.

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Logistics Industry

From complex supply chain management software to web and mobile tools for logistics automation - we have got you covered. Our big talent pool includes specialists like fleet managers, dispatchers, and safety managers.

Zelh is where businesses started to hire remote logistics experts to boost performance and scale.
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Industry features
3PL services

Tired of handling logistics operations? Need more time to focus on growth? Let us take operations off your hands and streamline your supply chain.

Industry features
Fleet management

Entrust your fleet management to Zelh; the outcome you will get is enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall fleet performance.

Industry features
Truck brokering

By acting as facilitators, we streamline the movement of goods and contribute to the overall efficiency of supply chain operations.

Industry features
Data entry services

We maintain up-to-date data so you can make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Industry features

Zelh™ is your trusted partner for logistics operations excellence.

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Take a step toward success - hire a remote logistics team.

Lowering tax commitment

We manage all the taxes and contributions on your company's behalf, ensuring that you stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Ready-to-go experts

We have 100+ experts ready-to-go. With our solutions, you can focus on core business tasks while we handle the rest.

Workflow efficiency

With 8 offices around the world, we understand the importance of quality work zones and provide only Class A office spaces to enhance productivity.


Zelh helps to reduce payroll costs by 60%. Check out the position and savings that you will get.

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Our experienced TA and HR experts will take care of the talent screening, recruiting, onboarding, and legal compliance processes.

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What is Zelh™?

Zelh is a US-based company where businesses get started to expand teams and improve workflow. We take on time-consuming stuff so that you can focus on more important tasks. With our customized remote staffing solutions, your business can transform and prosper.

I own a logistics company. What positions can you cover?

We can cover any position, from fleet managers and dispatchers to safety managers and driver recruiters. Just let us know whom exactly you need and how many.

Does remote logistics staffing suit my business?

You can request a consultation on our website to determine which service suits your company. Our experts will contact you and offer a customized solution for your business needs.

How much can I save annually?

Up to 50% savings and faster time-to-market for your product/service.