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5 Tips how to maintain corporate culture In remote teams

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By Sabina Nabiieva

The pandemic has switched our lives to the remote mode, giving the green light to what we now know as the work-from-home culture. Although the rise of the new format opens up whole lotta work-life balance opportunities for employees, it may stand for employers.

The benefits of corporate culture

In the context of corporate culture, remote work might seem to be an obstacle at the first sight. However, the truth is, the remote format may bring a lot of benefits to businesses, which includes cost-efficiency, faster scalability, and optimized workflow.

But to discover these benefits, there are a couple of things to consider. In this post, we’re going to share basic tips on how to maintain a strong corporate culture. Whether you outsource your business to remote teams or have gone to the hybrid working regimen, we’ve prepared some useful tips to help you navigate the new standard

Why Is corporate culture so important?

A company is not just a place to work and earn; it’s an environment where specialists grow, communicate, and develop. For that reason, having a great company culture helps improve engagement, productivity, and performance in employees.

5 tips to build a strong company culture for remote teams

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“94% of employers report having the same productivity level 67% or higher 27% since shifting their employees to the WFH model.”

How do you maintain integrity and productivity in your company, and how do you stay on the same page with remote employees so that it doesn’t counteract the workflow? Let’s discuss it below!

01. Reimagine your company’s vision and goals.

Company culture is the mixture of values, goals, attitudes, and ideas that define an organization’s mindset and vision. But to transmit it across multiple teams, you need to re-shape them by adding more flexibility.

  • Make sure to create a plan or program that conveys the company’s mission and beliefs by sending weekly emails to remote employees. Or, you can organize regular casual meetings devoted to the company’s milestones or team achievements to lift the team spirit.

02. Define your remote work policy.

Remote work standards vary from company to company. And your task is to be as specific as possible about your WFH policy so that your employees know what to expect from the workflow.

  • Decide on whether your team should be online for a certain number of hours a day or if they’re allowed to build their own schedules. You need to also clarify if they are expected to be available in certain time zones.

03. Encourage open communication and feedback.

Communication is another integral element in building a remote culture. Everyone is working from different locations, so you should establish certain communication standards.

That, in turn, must include anything from email etiquette and response time frames within your company. Company-wide newsletters and surveys will help you keep the communication boat afloat.

04. Establish company-wide activities.

Promote your culture with various activities to bring people from different teams and departments together. Company-wide contests and retreats are an easy yet highly effective way to add some fun to the working routine and evoke team bonding without any work-related pressure.

05. Show trust and confidence in your employees.

If you want your employees to trust you, you should create an environment where they can trust you. Communicate major organizational and strategic decisions with your team to maintain transparency.

Also, don’t make the common quantity-over-quality mistake by micromanaging your employees. Instead, focus on the output of their performance.

Final thoughts

Outsourcing your business or some of its processes allows you to break the geographical boundaries and get scalable faster. After all, why focus on the local talent pool when you aim to reach the global market?

For companies that outsource, it all comes down to finding the right professional or a team of skilled people that fit your project requirements and budgeting framework. If you search globally with the help of a trusted partner, the chances to succeed are high.

And if you have no idea where to start, Zelh will be there to help. We’ve got it all covered for companies who want to grow fast and smart: from development to management, we will take care of your business objectives!

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